• Technical staffs, doctors, researchers, technologists and many other people who work in laboratories, hospitals or factories are associated with chemical exposure in their routine life. This exposure can be hazardous from them sometime but, awareness is the first step before performing any action which involves chemical substances. Self safety should be a first hand priority for every test performer.

    What comes first?
    There are certain times when you need to be very careful about handling chemicals so you can keep yourself hygienic and protected while contact with chemical reactions.

    When chemicals are at your place and in your possession first thing that is highly important is their storage. Every single chemical should be stored properly. Make sure that highly reactive substances are placed at a secure location. Containers are unbreakable and leakage proof. Do not store hazardous chemicals on high shelves or tops. Wear close shoes because feet safety is also a matter of concern.

    You need to be highly careful when handling chemicals. Always special clothes and wear gloves to protect your skin and body. Do not eat, drink or smoke near your work stations because it can be extremely harmful for your health. Always wash your hands carefully and thoroughly after completing your task and before leaving working area.

    Just to identify any chemical instantly proper labeling of container is compulsory. Keep the record of all reactive materials. Safety data sheet commonly known as SDS should be placed at work place with all the particular details. Identify chemicals while disposing them so they get disposed accordingly.

    Workers should be trained professionally to deal with spills. Warn other people that spill has occurred and ask them to stay away. Mark that area so it can be identified as spill area and call one helper with you. Never try to handle any emergency alone and do not try to wipe it if you are not enough trained. Call your seniors or supervisors to make a decision.

    Medical Aid:
    Do not treat yourself with any medication if substance is not identified. Seek some medical advisor or doctor and make sure they have enough information about that particular substance. If chemical is known and identified then material safety data sheet MSDS can be used for immediate relief or first aid since the doctor arrives.

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