• In response to a refinery fire and chemical release in Richmond, California in August, 2012, agencies of the California state government have proposed regulations to improve safety in and around oil refineries in the state. The proposed rules have two branches, the California OSHA regulations governing safety in workplaces and the California Accidental Release Prevention […]

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  • The¬†Occupational Safety and Health Administration¬†(OSHA) issued an updated version of its voluntary¬†Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines in order to review its overall approach to managing safety and health in the workplace and seeks public comment.   The guidelines pay attention to the basic elements included in most effective safety and health programs, such as […]

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  • The extensive use of chemicals at work and in our daily life has tremendous consequences for the environment. The results of climate change are globally. All around the world national environmental organizations report the destruction of wildlife species. People are suffering from the lack or the contamination of drinking water. It is high time to […]

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  • Technical staffs, doctors, researchers, technologists and many other people who work in laboratories, hospitals or factories are associated with chemical exposure in their routine life. This exposure can be hazardous from them sometime but, awareness is the first step before performing any action which involves chemical substances. Self safety should be a first hand priority […]

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