• In response to a refinery fire and chemical release in Richmond, California in August, 2012, agencies of the California state government have proposed regulations to improve safety in and around oil refineries in the state. The proposed rules have two branches, the California OSHA regulations governing safety in workplaces and the California Accidental Release Prevention […]

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  • John C. Warner and Jennifer K. Ludwig propose a rubric for evaluating the potential of previously unknown chemical compounds and mixtures for meeting human and environmental health and safety standards.  Scientists need a way to decide whether their future research will produce a substance that passes regulatory tests.  The authors envision a three-step process:   […]

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  • Starting January 1, 2018, chemical manufacturers and importers to the US will be required to conform to the revised Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) Sections 311 and 312. The US EPA brought this about by changing the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) in federal regulations. This brings evaluation of chemicals in […]

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  • The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) website has information about the recently passed Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act.  This law replaces the Toxic Substances Control Act which, as interpreted by the courts, constrained federal regulators from banning even such toxic substances as asbestos, with its well-known and serious health hazards.  Now companies are required to submit new […]

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  • The state of Florida, taking actions required by the US Clean Water Act, has proposed chemical regulations that set new standards for surface water pollutants.  These standards have not been changed for 24 years, and the new standards both change allowed concentrations for previously regulated chemicals and also regulate chemicals not listed before in the […]

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