• The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has begun a process of evaluating acetaldehyde to determine its toxicity for humans.  The Dutch government agency with local decision making power over chemical safety requested ECHA to begin a harmonized classification and labeling (CLH) process.  This will focus particularly on the path by which acetaldehyde is metabolized in the […]

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  • As the seat of the EU agency that regulates medicines and therapies, London has been very attractive to companies on the leading edge of the pharmaceutical and health care industry.   The outcome of the Brexit vote puts that geographical advantage very much in play since a fully realized departure of the UK from the […]

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  • According to Joshua Bloom of the Mayers Nave environmental law practice group,  the recent changes in the Toxic Substances Control Act are a “real game changer.”  In an interview with Jason Doiy of The Recorder, Bloom discussed the impact of the new TSCA law on chemical regulation in California. Bloom also stayed that “What the new legislation does is […]

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  • President Obama signed the Lautenberg Act, the first amendment to the Toxic Substances Control Act since it was passed in 1976.  In the next two years the EPA must set the policies and procedures needed to carry out the changes in the law.  These policies are important as the EPA must use available science and […]

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