• Regulations for chemical safety vary from one country to another, which can create burdens when materials are shipped internationally. The products may need to be relabeled or even repackaged to comply with regulations at their destination.   Laboratory tests may be repeated as regulatory agencies may not exchange information adequately between countries. The Transatlantic Trade […]

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  • Back in April of this year the California Offic of Environmental Heath Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) brought their Prop 65 warning website online. The website’s purpose is to provide the public with concrete and up-to-date information on the chemicals listed as hazardous under Prop 65. This information is to come from the industry itself. While health […]

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  • Mar-Jac’s Poultry in Gainesville is coming under federal scrutiny after allegedly not-cooperating with OSHA staff after a nearly-fatal electrical accident. According to the warrant request filed by OSHA, Mac-Jar refused to allow OSHA investigators anywhere beyond the area where the accident occurred. This, combined with past safety violations, has prompted OSHA to file for a […]

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  • If you’re in a manufacturing business that deals with potentially dangerous chemicals, you’re probably aware of the numerous government regulations and restrictions you need to work with to bring your product to market. Unfortunately for consumers, however, potentially dangerous chemicals can still make it into the U.S. market. The supplement industry, for example, is one […]

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